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Frequently Asked Questions

1. This is my first time depositing in my family's lunch account online. What do I need to know?

You can't get online without your username (family identification number) and password. You must call the Food & Nutrition Department office to get this information. Please call Kyle at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041.


2. Where do I go to make an online payment or to check my child(ren)'s spending?

You must first go to the Western Dubuque School District Homepage at http://www.wdbqschools.org. Underneath the picture slide show you will see 'Quick Links'. Click on "Fees". Next page click on '"Food Services". 


3. I deposited money in my family lunch account through RevTrak, but I am still receiving low balance emails.

Did you receive a confirmation page from RevTrak stating that they received your deposit? Most times your deposit is instantaneous, but sometimes it may take up to a day to deposit the money into your account. If you are still getting emails after this time, you will need to contact RevTrak at 1-855-647-3800 or go to RevTrak's contact page by clicking here.


4. How do I see what my child(ren) are eating at school? 

You must go online to the School Dining System welcome page http://lunch.wdbqschools.org. After you log in you will find across the top of the page is a gold bar with buttons on it. Click on the button titled "Your Reports". You will then see a drop down screen with "Full Account History", "Account Deposit History", "Purchases for (child's name)", "Settings for (child's name)". Please click on "Purchases for (child's name)" to see what that child has eaten in the last ten days. You can reset the date to look even further back such as to the first day of the school year.


5. Can I control how much money my child(ren) spend each day?

Yes you can. Just call the Food Service office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041 to put a spending limit on your child(ren)'s account(s). You set the dollar amount to anything from one lunch to several dollars. You can also block your child(ren) from eating a la carte or breakfast. This all must be done through the office.


6. How often will I get low balance emails?

The system is set up to send out low balance emails once a day as long as the email we have on file is current. Until your account is above the low balance warning that was set for you, you will continue to receive the emails.


7. My email has changed, how do I update it in the system?

When you go online http://lunch.wdbqschools.org, log in and get to the "Welcome to the School Dining System" page, click on "Update Email" button on the gold bar across the top of the page. Just follow directions to type in your old email and new email. Or you can call the office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041 to have it changed.


8. How can I change my password from a list of numbers to something easier to remember?

When you go online http://lunch.wdbqschools.org, log in and get to the "Welcome to the School Dining System" page, click on the "Change Password" button in the gold bar across the top of the page. Just follow the directions to change your password. Or you can call the office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041 to have it changed.


9. Can I set my low balance warning amount higher than the District's setting?

The District has the system set up to notify you once your account gets below $5.00. To set this to a different amount, on the "Welcome to the School Dining Page", click on "set your own low balance warning level" which is located under your name. Or you can call the office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041 to have it changed.


10. I want to apply for free or reduced meals. How do I go about doing this?

There are two ways you can get an application for free and reduced meals. One way is to call the office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041 and ask for one to be mailed to you. The second way is to go online to the Western Dubuque Schools Home page at http://www.wdbqschools.org and click on "Departments". Click on "Food & Nutrition" and then on the right of the page, click on "Free and Reduced Price Meals". Here you have the option of looking at an application in either English or Spanish. Print off the application you prefer, fill it out and send it in the mail, fax or drop off in person to Western Dubuque Schools, Attn: Kyle Gansen, P.O. Box 68, 310 - 4th St. SW, Farley, IA 52046. We will process your application and send you a letter with the results.


11. When do I apply for free or reduced meals?

In July of every year, we will send you an application in the mail. This mailing contains more than just the application. It also has your family information attached. This information contains your family username, password, e-mail address, and your present balance in your account among other things. We ask for these applications to be returned before the middle of August. The reason for this is so when school starts, your child(ren) will be ready to receive the benefits you applied for. But you can apply at any time during the school year. 


12. How often can I apply?

You only need to apply once a year. We keep your application on file. If you have any changes in your income, such as a job loss, lay-off, pay cut, increase in household size, etc., all you need to do is call the office at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041.


13. Do I have to reapply every year?

Yes. Every school year the government guidelines change. If you did not qualify for free or reduced this year, you may qualify next year. 


14. What if my income goes up?

If you have an application on file with us you need not do anything. Once you are set as free or reduced, you will stay that way until the end of the school year. But the next school year will need a new application and the increase in income must be on this application.


15. Can my Organization Use the School's Kitchen?

School kitchens may be used by outside groups in a limited capacity.  Please see board rules 905.1. Contact Director of Food & Nutrition Services for further information. A FoodService facility Agreement form must be completed as well. 

If we have not answered your question here, please contact Kyle at 563-744-3885 ext. 6041. 

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